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Snacks Pinokio Home Image
Tasty and Fun
Choose snacks "Pinokio"!
Healthy Food
For Healthy Mind, Healthy Body!

Key Details

Baked not fried!

Our products are not fried. Many confuse the manufacturing of snacks with chips. We all know that the chips is prepared by frying. Our products are baked and the process of manufacturing is called extruding. We use special machines for that process.

Our Website

We are glad you have visited our website. Here you can find detailed information for the products that we offer and manufacture. We have explained method of production as well as few curiosities that you may not about.

Did you know that...

Semolina is the food prepared by grinding wheat or corn beans.

It contains essential for the body components such as proteins, folic acid, vitamins and minerals.

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About Us

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Bulgaria, Kazanlak 6100, Industrial Area 32, UPI 8800

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+359 898 627 303

+359 431 632 58